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To Cancer: This Is My Fight Song

Posted by Isabel Asander on Jun 5, 2017 9:57:51 AM

To cancer: this is my fight song  

Yesterday was National Cancer Survivors Day, and naturally that got me thinking. Now, cancer isn't really a subject most of us like to think about but it has affected most of us some way or another. It has affected me personally so many ways, primarily it has taken half of my skin away and made me look like CHOPSUEY and that is why I HATE YOU CANCER.  


I sit outside--a nice and cool morning for a Texas Summer in the Hill Country, one of my favorite places in the world--and instead of thinking positive thoughts about survival stories, I start thinking about all the people that have left us because of you.  Immediately I go to Ben, a longtime friend and wonderful human being. He made us all laugh and he was always there to help.  So, loved by all of us and you took him in 3 months’ time.  I think of my dad’s current battle, friends, mothers, kids and surgeries and I want to go down the rabbit hole of depression and negativity.   

A very wise man comes to my rescue: Think about Julesmy mom, and all the people that have made it through.  Think about all the progress medicine has made and how many lives have been saved.  I start thinking as I sip more coffee, and I realize cancer is not always a death sentence, more and more people survive.    

Survival is not a battle, a fight or a choice.  People don’t choose to be brave and fight cancer, it just comes into your life sometimes quietly sometimes fast and furious.  Most survivors, patients and family members learn to cope.  To live with it, to survive to beat it is to live your life with positivity and acceptance and supporting and getting support from those around you.  To continue to live.  

If we find a cure or not, if you are currently fightingdon’t let Cancer define you.  It’s awful, it kills, but to those who survive don’t let it become who you are and kick ass the rest of your life.  

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