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National Insurance Day and Paul Bunyan Day

Posted by Isabel Asander on Jun 28, 2017 4:07:01 PM

When I think about a holiday and a reason to celebrate I think about food, music, family and the day off. Not today. Today, June 28th, is National 

Insurance Day. Today is a reminder to make sure that you and your family are adequately protected. Today is about peace of mind and adulthood, not about cake or beer and nachos. Or you can choose to celebrate Paul Bunyan Day, and go find out more about local folklore and North American Loggers.

Since we focus on health and life coverage, let's talk about illness and death (joy) and how insurance policies can offer you security by covering your loved ones’ lives and making it possible to replace losses. Here is what you should think about today: have there been any changes since you previously reviewed your policies? For example, did you know the older you get, the higher your life insurance premium will get?


If you have a qualifying life changing event like getting married, having a baby, you’ve moved or lost your job you can make changes to your plan. So today, think about your coverage. Yes multiple coverages: dental, short term, health, and life. However you look at insurance, you must be protected to live a full life. So take a moment and call your broker today. Make sure you are covered so when the next holiday comes, or you want to celebrate American Loggers, you will be healthy and covered.

A friendly reminder from your friends,

The Health Experts