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Let's Debunk Some Common Health Insurance Myths

Clean Eating: A Cult?

National Insurance Day and Paul Bunyan Day

A Young Person’s Guide to Health Insurance


To Cancer: This Is My Fight Song

Happy #wellnesswednesday… I think?

5 Reasons You NEED Health Insurance

Are High-Risk Pools A Good Idea?

Turning 26? Health Insurance, What You Need to Know and How to Get It.

What Impact Will the Donald Trump Executive Order have on ACA?

GOP Releases Policy Brief For ACA Repeal And Replace 

Patients Get Hit With Charges From Out-Of-Network Doctors At In-Network Hospitals

Aetna Joins Cigna and Anthem In Loosening Restrictions To Addiction Treatment After Pressure From Attorney General

United Healthcare Pays Customers Up To $1,500 To Use A Fitbit (The Upsides and Downsides of Health Tracker Incentive Programs)

A Look At The New Health Care Proposals 

New Proposed Rule to Increase Health Insurance Choices  And Stabilize The Affordable Care Act Next Year

Breaking News; Humana Backs Out Of Obamacare Following Merger Breakdown

Tom Price Confirmed as Head of HHS; What To Expect

Small Businesses Vow To Bounce Back Despite Delcline In New Business Creation

Two Billion Dollar HealthCare Mega-Megers Shut Down By Federal Judges

Trump ACA Repeal To Be Delayed

Top 4 Benefits Of Telemedicine

The 5 Types of Exemptions from the Individual Mandate Fee

3 Life Changes That Would Qualify You For SEP (Special Enrollment Period)

It’s Not Too Late To Get Covered For Health Insurance With Faith-Based Plans

The Unspoken Texas Doctor Drought

What You Need To Know About Group Insurance For Small Businesses

MD Anderson Group Insurance; Why The Cancer Treatment Center Doesn't Accept Individual

The New Texas Ruling Allowing “Mom and Pop” Group Plans

How Trump's ACA Executive Order Affects You

Small Business Owners; How They Will Be Affected By The Trump Administration

Top 5 Tech Gadgets For Better Health

5 Cost-Saving Tips for Small Business Owners

6.4 Million People Already Covered for 2017

How To Attract And Retain Top Talent

ACA Health Experts Inducted Into Circle Of Champions

4 Interesting Diabetes Facts You Probably Didn't Know

Last Chance To Get A January 1st Effective

ACA Health Experts News Episode 1

3 Things You Need To Know About Enrolling Before December 15th

The Deadline Is Approaching

Local Clinic Covers The Uninsurable

The Zika Virus Is Now In Texas

Could Owning A Pet Reduce Your Health Insurance Costs?

From Cats To Harry Potter, Themed Yoga Classes Are A Fun Way To Get In Shape

5 Tips To Tackle Any Project And Focus Like A Champ

Fruit Flies May Answer The Question, Why Do We Have Food Comas?

10 Healthy Tips That Will Prepare You For The Holidays

Obamacare Enrollments Surge Since Election

7 Ways To Drastically Reduce Your Health Care Costs This Year

The Number One Reason You Need An Agent To Enroll In Health Insurance

Sample - How To Post

Pros and Cons Of The Top 3 ACA Insurance Options In The Houston Area

Trump Is Leaning Towards Amending ACA Instead Of Abolishing It

FAQ About What Will Happen To Health Care In A Trump Presidency

What Will Happen To Health-Care Under A Trump Presidency?

4 Ways To Conquer ACA Open Enrollment Like A Boss So You Can Have More Time To Live Your Life

The Olympics Of Health Insurance (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Plans) Which One Is Right For You?

New Study Shows 70% Of Consumers Can Find A Plan For $75 Or Less This Open Enrollment Period

How To Be Prepared For Obamacare Open Enrollment November 1st

2017 Obamacare Renewal Letters Are Coming Out Now, Don't Panic!

Molina Surpasses Competition In ACA Marketplace

Study Shows ObamaCare Enrollees More Likely To Have More Checkups

Bill Clinton Calls ObamaCare “The Craziest Thing In The World”

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